The Grand Tour Dubbed in Different Languages | The Grand Tour

Have you ever wondered what "Clarkson you muppet!" sounds like in French? Or how to say "stop moving around!" in German? What about hearing how "shut up!" sounds in Japanese? Well Jeremy, Richard and James show us what The Grand Tour is like in Italian, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  1. The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    2 månader sedan

    Anyone else feels like this is a great way to learn a new language?

    • GG Espichan

      GG Espichan

      29 dagar sedan

      It would be the most entertaining way of learning languages

    • valdur mägi

      valdur mägi

      Månad sedan

      Noooooooooooope. :D

    • Freddydu 92

      Freddydu 92

      Månad sedan


    • Martin Paoloni

      Martin Paoloni

      2 månader sedan


    • Vinícius Caixeta

      Vinícius Caixeta

      2 månader sedan

      portuguese please

  2. Diego Castagneti

    Diego Castagneti

    4 dagar sedan

    spanish and french are pretty bad

  3. Dj Porsche

    Dj Porsche

    11 dagar sedan

    japanese adn spanish are winning

  4. Yuri Lakhtionov

    Yuri Lakhtionov

    19 dagar sedan

    Clarkson in french is apparently a “Klaxon” 😎

  5. roseynick


    22 dagar sedan

    I think I could just watch Japanese Grand Tour as it is

  6. lostraniero80


    23 dagar sedan

    Il doppiaggio italiano è il migliore c'è poco da fare, quello giapponese mi ha fatto morire 😆

  7. Takumi Fujiwara

    Takumi Fujiwara

    25 dagar sedan

    Japanese clearly the best, seemless without the trio's voice

  8. layerdballoon


    25 dagar sedan

    No wonder that these countries arent good at english

  9. attieh alhariri

    attieh alhariri

    25 dagar sedan

    Hey guys, i can do translation all the video in arabic translation voice too

  10. TheSplatStrategist


    26 dagar sedan

    Clarckson ! Qu’est-ce qui y’a ? Rend moi mon volant espèce de bouffon ! Magique

  11. ssseeebbb007


    26 dagar sedan

    The german voiceover guy got lazy

  12. Frank Furt

    Frank Furt

    26 dagar sedan

    Moi je suis de Birmingham lmao

  13. lil' bic

    lil' bic

    27 dagar sedan

    Spanish VA is so calm

  14. xARM4G3DD0Nx


    27 dagar sedan

    Sorry but this just the confirmation that one should never watch the localized version. The german is just so ... urgh ... bad

  15. Akirus Gauge

    Akirus Gauge

    27 dagar sedan

    The Spanish sounds too relaxed for all these situations

  16. kacpertron


    27 dagar sedan

    German in it’s calmest forms

  17. thejamesonline 2

    thejamesonline 2

    28 dagar sedan

    All I can here is the English over the top of the other languages

  18. 藤本裕慶


    Månad sedan


  19. Imbrium


    Månad sedan

    Shout out to the German VA for not conforming to his nation's stereotype for angry shouting

  20. ParrotYee


    Månad sedan

    Seems like Italy and Japan put more soul into their speech

  21. Kyle Kristian Flores

    Kyle Kristian Flores

    Månad sedan

    Ever since I heard Japanese dub of this video, REQUESTING ANIME SERIES FOR GRAND TOUR

  22. Robert Wolański

    Robert Wolański

    Månad sedan

    Italian the best

  23. Redstone Casey

    Redstone Casey

    Månad sedan

    With the Japanese Dub, my brain is imagining an unholy cross between Top Gear and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and now I'm sad I'll never see it.

  24. L • .

    L • .

    Månad sedan

    The german voice for them are different than ealier tho

  25. Akhil Sudhakar

    Akhil Sudhakar

    Månad sedan

    I ill watch japanese from now on.

  26. Robin E

    Robin E

    Månad sedan

    Die deutschen Synchronstimmen sind ja furchtbar. Ich bleibe beim Original...

  27. S J

    S J

    Månad sedan

    Man the Japanese people do it with so much passion

  28. Marc Marion

    Marc Marion

    Månad sedan


  29. Samuel Kim

    Samuel Kim

    Månad sedan

    when you bought a game but it was a "japanese version" and not the english version

  30. Mel W

    Mel W

    Månad sedan

    The German translations are too polite.

  31. Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee

    Månad sedan

    Japanese is the clear winner

  32. Collin Young

    Collin Young

    Månad sedan

    I don't really get the point of dubbing over fairly understandable phrases in english; i.e., "NO NO NO NO NO!!!", or "CLARKSON"

  33. Seb toGo

    Seb toGo

    Månad sedan

    Did the spanish speaker see the actual footage while his job? Seems hes a real quiet buddy😂😂

  34. Alexander the great

    Alexander the great

    Månad sedan

    The Japanese always makes me imagine an anime adaptation to this

  35. Kodah


    Månad sedan

    The German slacking off

  36. Mateusinhoyt


    Månad sedan

    You forgot the Portuguese dubbed version!!!!

  37. Indy Indy

    Indy Indy

    Månad sedan

    No matter how many times I watched this, can't stop laughing

  38. GEryxx


    Månad sedan

    the german dub is not very good wtf

  39. Leonardo Corrêa De Castilhos

    Leonardo Corrêa De Castilhos

    Månad sedan

    Portuguese? 🇧🇷

  40. Voices


    Månad sedan

    I really don't like the voice over style with the original voices still in the backround thats why I always watch it in english. Way funnier anyway. Funfact the german voice of Clarkson is the same voice actor for Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, where he is really good. Here he sounds kinda bored lol.

  41. Arkha


    Månad sedan

    hammond's japanese dub feels like a wimp anime character while clarkson and may sounds like yakuza member

  42. Danial TA

    Danial TA

    Månad sedan

    Persian is the best

  43. John Penguin

    John Penguin

    Månad sedan

    The German Clarkson is nearly as good at swearing as Jeremy is...

  44. John Smith

    John Smith

    Månad sedan

    I want a Grand Tour Anime

  45. Davis Designs

    Davis Designs

    Månad sedan

    German shouting is more tame than I remember

  46. Nathan Auvil

    Nathan Auvil

    Månad sedan

    Japanese: anime noises intensify

  47. LLubdeR


    2 månader sedan

    Japanese... I never knew a language can make me happy XD

  48. T A

    T A

    2 månader sedan

    Just like cartoons and anime, japan takes it to the next level lol. They do it like they were there.

  49. Daniel G.

    Daniel G.

    2 månader sedan

    I love our german dub because, they say just the half of all spoken words, so the average german fellow understands everything and is still allowed to listen to their beautiful voices und stupid words 😂😂

  50. Alexander Källberg

    Alexander Källberg

    2 månader sedan

    I'm so happy they only dub for children here. I absolutely hate dubbing. Only place where it is okey is animation and cartoons.

  51. J. M. Fangio

    J. M. Fangio

    2 månader sedan

    Where is the Russian language? Or, here too, is politics involved?

  52. Florian PELIN

    Florian PELIN

    2 månader sedan

    Well, french dubbing is the best. 😌

  53. Anatoly Zotov

    Anatoly Zotov

    2 månader sedan

    А вот сейчас обидно было...



    2 månader sedan

    japanese 😆

  55. Стоил Стоилов

    Стоил Стоилов

    2 månader sedan

    Spanish guy is too chill for what's going on.

  56. Сергей Петров

    Сергей Петров

    2 månader sedan

    Where is russian language? WTF amazon?!

  57. Jean-Noël THOMAS

    Jean-Noël THOMAS

    2 månader sedan

    Une remarque: TOUS les doubleurs sont nuls...

  58. Flynn981


    2 månader sedan

    Все это очень интересно, но где русский перевод?

  59. rockyscarlet


    2 månader sedan

    Spanish dub is the worst, no emotion

  60. Gautham Prabhu

    Gautham Prabhu

    2 månader sedan

    I got headache after this video ☹️😖

  61. Josh Galka

    Josh Galka

    2 månader sedan


  62. Not Poggers

    Not Poggers

    2 månader sedan

    Every other language: CLARKSOOOOONNNNN Japanese: Oi Jeremy!

  63. God of F.

    God of F.

    2 månader sedan

    I would like to hear North Korean one, dubbed by tat famous North Korean News announcer woman. Hindu would be nice too, especially for Jeremy.

  64. Alfy Ryan

    Alfy Ryan

    2 månader sedan

    never has Birmingham been said in so many languages

  65. Jef Van den Bruel

    Jef Van den Bruel

    2 månader sedan

    Mare I me watching this drunk and it just doesn’t find in to my had

  66. Shane Ducholke

    Shane Ducholke

    2 månader sedan

    The Spanish version sounds like he is announcing lawn bowling and has no passion in the voice. Not something I would have expected for a passionate people

  67. BattyFlaps


    2 månader sedan

    Japanese sounds like some OTT anime shit while italian sounds like im going to have a romantic pasta dinner

  68. Nzpure


    2 månader sedan

    imho the Japanese dub is by far the most hilarious

  69. Bryan Caughey

    Bryan Caughey

    2 månader sedan

    I just loved hearing them yelling out Birmingham in many languages.

  70. 31186dan


    2 månader sedan


  71. Sem San

    Sem San

    2 månader sedan

    in russian in russia we watch only in this voice acting - Jetvis Studio. sign a contract with them, it's time.

  72. GAZ CAT


    2 månader sedan

    Just close your eyes while listening to this

  73. Theodore Bagwell

    Theodore Bagwell

    2 månader sedan

    Oh man the German dub is so bad. Imho Japanese and Italian are the best two, then French, Spanish and German.

  74. Leo Leung

    Leo Leung

    2 månader sedan

    The German using Internet Explorer to watch the film?

  75. Syncs


    2 månader sedan

    Im Japanese and since i can understand most of English, this is the first time i hear the Japanese commentary and it feels very weird. I dont know i can’t explain but it feels like it doesn’t fit well.

  76. Adi M

    Adi M

    2 månader sedan

    Why does it sound even more funny in Japanese

  77. Miranda Roberts

    Miranda Roberts

    2 månader sedan

    Oy Jeremy!

  78. Williamg209


    2 månader sedan

    this is brilliant

  79. ClutchKick91


    2 månader sedan

    Japanese-dub Jeremy screaming "ORANGE!" gave me some Code Geass flashbacks.

  80. Alan Mueller

    Alan Mueller

    2 månader sedan

    In 5 minutes I have learned italian, German, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

  81. Mohammed Shaabawi

    Mohammed Shaabawi

    2 månader sedan

    One thing will never change in any language is when James May screams “Clarkson!” Lmao

    • DethstruXioN ™

      DethstruXioN ™

      2 månader sedan

      Except, the Japanese version makes it "Oi Jeremy" (2:16)

  82. Lima Stanier

    Lima Stanier

    2 månader sedan

    I dare anyone to animate The Grand Tour using the Japanese dubbing as the audio.

  83. Joel Shinoda

    Joel Shinoda

    2 månader sedan

    I like the German approach. You can hear the original voices and they only translate essential parts… it’s more like an audio subtitle than a real dub..

  84. The King

    The King

    2 månader sedan

    Casino lifestyle.

  85. Hansy


    2 månader sedan

    I've never understood How Someone could watch something (as an adult) that's dubbed. It's horrible.

  86. Erich Moser

    Erich Moser

    2 månader sedan

    The Japanese ones are the best

  87. Datsun


    2 månader sedan

    I feel sad for the people that have to watch it dubbed... It's utter shit.

  88. mr roadie

    mr roadie

    2 månader sedan

    Lmfao...too funny

  89. Saif Khan

    Saif Khan

    2 månader sedan

    "James no onii-chan ga ponkotsu wo sukuriyagatta" I can't 😂

  90. Harry Nelson

    Harry Nelson

    2 månader sedan

    All of the grand tour needs to be dubbed in japanese and made into cartoon 👍🏻👌🏻

  91. R


    2 månader sedan


  92. R


    2 månader sedan


  93. UKLateNight


    2 månader sedan

    I have no idea what I’ve just watched but I’m here for it

  94. Frederic THESIGER

    Frederic THESIGER

    2 månader sedan

    the japanese guy is a legend. I feel like they should make a grand tour japan and he should be the main host.

  95. Michael Zimmer

    Michael Zimmer

    2 månader sedan

    With Google Translator: At 4:21 which episode is this ??

  96. Tilio


    2 månader sedan

    ngl the Japanese TGT is quite good lol.

  97. Leigh Johnson

    Leigh Johnson

    2 månader sedan

    The Italian version is clearly the best

  98. drifty Boiii_458

    drifty Boiii_458

    2 månader sedan

    All the other languages sound soooo funny hahahaha

  99. rickytiger


    2 månader sedan


  100. Dr. atikson

    Dr. atikson

    2 månader sedan

    What about persian