Clarkson Tries to Tow a 13,000 Tonne Freight Ship with a Citroën C3 | The Grand Tour

Can a 1 tonne Citroën C3 Aircross pull a 13,000 tonne freight ship? Well, Jeremy seems to think so!

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  1. The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    Månad sedan

    Who thinks this should be a regular test for new cars?

    • jimakos78x


      5 dagar sedan

      I think that Citroen got 20 points longer after that test...

    • Sajid Mansuri

      Sajid Mansuri

      5 dagar sedan

      Try Hummer EV 🤔🤔🤔

    • Justyna Dabrowski

      Justyna Dabrowski

      5 dagar sedan


    • Simon John Hinton

      Simon John Hinton

      11 dagar sedan

      I had a Ford probe once that according to Clarkson could snap knicker elastic although I don't think it could snap that tow line....

    • DeadInGrave


      11 dagar sedan

      @Minecraft _bi in Suez Canal could be helpful, at least

  2. Mick Shing

    Mick Shing

    5 timmar sedan


  3. Commy


    22 timmar sedan

    You can trash it now

  4. Alex N

    Alex N

    Dag sedan

    God sake it's ludicrous and fun)

  5. M Myers

    M Myers

    Dag sedan

    Top Gear - EVERYTHING cars. This and Mythbusters are simply the best "reality" shows on earth and ever will be.

  6. Pipsta


    2 dagar sedan

    What episode is this from?

  7. Sorin Ichim

    Sorin Ichim

    2 dagar sedan

    Poor clutch

  8. sameel shamnad

    sameel shamnad

    2 dagar sedan

    Citroen: you want me do the impossible. Driver: yes. Yes it is Citroen: say bye bye to you car insurance.

  9. Super Liegebeest

    Super Liegebeest

    3 dagar sedan

    The ship has his parking brake on.

  10. Insat 444

    Insat 444

    3 dagar sedan

    "Move you vicious boaty"

  11. jim klm

    jim klm

    3 dagar sedan

    That is absolute madness and destruction, of course it would be moving one way or the other, it would just take a lot of time.

  12. Sylarz Productionz

    Sylarz Productionz

    3 dagar sedan

    Finally they find a way to prevent anothee Suez Canal situation 😂

  13. AlanKMC


    3 dagar sedan

    What an absolutely moronic idiot Clarkson is. Surely some V6 VW Tourag would have been a better car to try to do this with ans who knows maybe he would have discoved a use for VWs lol.

  14. Paweł Ciemała

    Paweł Ciemała

    3 dagar sedan

    Haha england idea

  15. HK chandana

    HK chandana

    3 dagar sedan

    We all know its fake but its amazing

  16. Muhammad Nadeem

    Muhammad Nadeem

    3 dagar sedan


  17. Edward Hunter

    Edward Hunter

    3 dagar sedan

    "We're not German and we didn't mess your economy up" 🤣🤣

  18. arthur miller

    arthur miller

    4 dagar sedan

    He ' s not Germán but is pretty stupid

  19. Epicon 6

    Epicon 6

    4 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: 15 Citroens C3s were harmed during the making of this film and a Jeep was used to get the ship moving :)

  20. Igor Malkov

    Igor Malkov

    4 dagar sedan

    Do some Australian cars

  21. RetroPCTech


    4 dagar sedan

    Pretty sick fwd burnout tho

  22. Sajid Mansuri

    Sajid Mansuri

    5 dagar sedan

    Try Hummer EV 🤔🤔🤔



    5 dagar sedan

    It's never a premium SUV. Always a small yet brave car.

  24. Tezzasbigbuz


    5 dagar sedan

    Any car should pull it if it’s floating

  25. Boombox


    6 dagar sedan

    Oh Clarkson your never gunna pull that thing with that car 🤣

  26. Marc van Breeden

    Marc van Breeden

    6 dagar sedan

    Low mile c3 for sale

  27. P1ratRuleZZZ


    6 dagar sedan

    the best commercial of Citroën I have ever seen

  28. Michael Sanchez

    Michael Sanchez

    6 dagar sedan

    Sinnlose Zerstörung...

  29. Sajith Swami

    Sajith Swami

    6 dagar sedan

    For those who don't value exotic cars...

  30. Sourav Ghoshal

    Sourav Ghoshal

    7 dagar sedan

    Tata hexa wants to know your location😂

  31. SpringWaterPaul


    7 dagar sedan

    Would there be difrence with Manual transmission?

  32. Kerim Can

    Kerim Can

    7 dagar sedan

    I wonder if someone has ever fit a special gear in a car transmission, one that tops out at 1 km/h, loads of torque

    • CME


      4 dagar sedan

      Go visit Garage54 channel, they have set up 2 gearboxes in a Lada so they have super high torque, it can tow 2 SUV's on idle, without touching the gas. Bigger problem is that you can't get enough grip, it just starts doing burnouts when you try pulling something heavy as this.

  33. Chrono Red

    Chrono Red

    7 dagar sedan

    Got a car cheap for sale, towed a boat only, low miles.

  34. Iliya Davoodipour

    Iliya Davoodipour

    7 dagar sedan

    I dont beliebte the Citroen moved the ship. The ship is way too heavy for that. I want the mythbusters to test that.

  35. Lesile St Ivany

    Lesile St Ivany

    7 dagar sedan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 useless front wheel drive 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Mustang Boss

    Mustang Boss

    7 dagar sedan

    Boaty mc boaty boatface🤣🤣

  37. Wtf Ftw

    Wtf Ftw

    8 dagar sedan

    All that useless smoking.. If you just put the car on the pull the boat will gently follow it in few time.

  38. Palash Sharma

    Palash Sharma

    8 dagar sedan

    Like an ant trying to carry a loaf of bread!

  39. S K

    S K

    8 dagar sedan

    New clutch required

  40. Joe Sapiens

    Joe Sapiens

    8 dagar sedan

    I'd like to see a Ford truck do this challenge. But towing a Nimitz carrier.

  41. Trevor H

    Trevor H

    8 dagar sedan

    Now can we see the Citroen try to stop the boat?

  42. James Middleton

    James Middleton

    8 dagar sedan

    What people need to remember is that there are practically no forces moving against the boat, in test conditions, a small child could pull that boat along, that is of course assuming there is no wind, and the water is completely still. There is no force moving the other way, you are fighting the drag of the water and thats really it.

    • no u

      no u

      8 dagar sedan

      That is simply not true. even With no gravity it still takes force to accelerate mass

  43. Leonardo Oliveira

    Leonardo Oliveira

    8 dagar sedan

    If it was a Subaru Forester, you could tow the ship on land...

  44. Calamity Leo

    Calamity Leo

    8 dagar sedan

    Maybe he should have tried a 2 45° ropes it would have distributed the weight to be lighter

  45. Shubham


    8 dagar sedan

    Citroen C5 Aircross has been Introduced in India and people are loving it over here.

  46. Rob van Putten

    Rob van Putten

    8 dagar sedan

    I don't think Newton would be very impressed.

  47. JRP Gameplay

    JRP Gameplay

    8 dagar sedan

    this is the most st@pidest idea ever still wont buy it even if i have all the money in the world

  48. JRP Gameplay

    JRP Gameplay

    8 dagar sedan

    put that in land and you will see the weight difference

  49. Tommy P.

    Tommy P.

    9 dagar sedan

    No one: Not a single soul: Jeremy Clarkson: It's Boaty McBoatface

  50. a20axf


    9 dagar sedan

    Had one of these for 9 weeks after somebody t-boned my car, such a gutless heap of shit. I’d genuinely rather cycle than drive one 😂

  51. Darko Nojic

    Darko Nojic

    9 dagar sedan

    He realy thinks we are idiots to beleive in this? Ok he is right.

  52. Mihael Merkler

    Mihael Merkler

    9 dagar sedan

    Expacting same scene with Dom's Charger...Because family 🤣

  53. A Mas.0

    A Mas.0

    9 dagar sedan

    I want to know the wind and water current directions.

  54. Shivam Rai

    Shivam Rai

    9 dagar sedan

    Meanwhile Range Rover 😂:; kid gotta Learn things

  55. Grégory Fleury

    Grégory Fleury

    9 dagar sedan

    "We're not Germans, we didn't mess your economy up!" Well, you stole their most priced archaeological pieces though.

  56. Dr Coomer

    Dr Coomer

    9 dagar sedan

    94 Hilux would smash this

  57. bluebird 810

    bluebird 810

    9 dagar sedan

    Once he gets the boat moving he can pull it. Stopping it is something else though

  58. Levi Reid D'Souza

    Levi Reid D'Souza

    9 dagar sedan

    Mfw two adult tyrannosaurus rex rip Clarkson out of his car and into two pieces

  59. Jay Gounder

    Jay Gounder

    9 dagar sedan

    No friction in water.

    • Jay Gounder

      Jay Gounder

      8 dagar sedan

      When it comes to pulling.very less friction in water.

    • no u

      no u

      8 dagar sedan

      There is friction with water.. more than air

  60. Dimitris Tsekeris

    Dimitris Tsekeris

    9 dagar sedan

    Like for the Greek VS German joke. 💙

  61. Kunal Karwarkar

    Kunal Karwarkar

    9 dagar sedan

    The range rover or Jeep might pull easily

  62. Daniel D

    Daniel D

    10 dagar sedan

    That transmission will need a overhaul

  63. Nicolás Espinoza

    Nicolás Espinoza

    10 dagar sedan

    Clarkson what the f***

  64. Xserabis


    10 dagar sedan

    Press F for that clutch

  65. Vineet Kumar

    Vineet Kumar

    10 dagar sedan

    Citreon c3 for free... Contact me

  66. Pratik Khandelwal

    Pratik Khandelwal

    10 dagar sedan

    Nice ad....

  67. kastrup2dk


    10 dagar sedan

    this video here is a copy of Dacia pull the Oslo ferry lol one would think Jeremy Clarkson had seen it

  68. Simeon Ivanov

    Simeon Ivanov

    10 dagar sedan

    Season and episode pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  69. urugulu


    10 dagar sedan

    given that there are videos of people doing sorta the same sideways with bare muscles makes this a bit less impressive...

  70. Karan Bidani

    Karan Bidani

    10 dagar sedan

    Use a Mahindra it makes life easy.

  71. Life is a Beach

    Life is a Beach

    10 dagar sedan


  72. Allen R Joseph

    Allen R Joseph

    10 dagar sedan

    imagine doing this with a Cybertruck!

  73. Dan Macneil

    Dan Macneil

    10 dagar sedan

    Add car commentary and your there!

  74. MR chicken dance

    MR chicken dance

    10 dagar sedan

    Ship : My turn..

  75. Matt H

    Matt H

    10 dagar sedan

    The guy who talks smack on “Elon Musk” and got owned is still pretending he is relevant 🧐 interesting !!!!!

  76. Charbel kneiher

    Charbel kneiher

    10 dagar sedan

    That was really amazing. Should have done that with a Dodge Demon.

  77. Mr Forest

    Mr Forest

    10 dagar sedan

    If it was a RWD car, how would have it changed the results, any guesses?

  78. Peter YVR

    Peter YVR

    10 dagar sedan

    Stupidity. Why your car moving backwards?? It's rope recoil, simple to understand, why the host failed physic and still allow him to .... a joke 🤣🤣

  79. Matheus Muniz

    Matheus Muniz

    10 dagar sedan

    Try this with an old Hilux!!!

  80. Freakly


    10 dagar sedan

    1:08 there is noone in car xd

  81. pebewiu


    10 dagar sedan

    Citroën is foolproof

  82. pra vasi

    pra vasi

    10 dagar sedan

    Now go ahead charge that ship for valet and parking services.

  83. Nick Bentis

    Nick Bentis

    10 dagar sedan

    The question now is.. Can this really happen❓



    10 dagar sedan

    Clarkson NEVER FAILS....

    • The Grand Tour

      The Grand Tour

      10 dagar sedan

      Ummm... 🤔

  85. Ivan Manuele

    Ivan Manuele

    10 dagar sedan

    I sell C3 transport ships in impeccable conditions !!

  86. ola


    10 dagar sedan


  87. Prem Ramman

    Prem Ramman

    10 dagar sedan

    Try this on something that is not buoyant

  88. Leandro Garcia

    Leandro Garcia

    10 dagar sedan

    Since I am driving Peugeot, I have understand that French cars are pretty underrated 😱

    • Leandro Garcia

      Leandro Garcia

      8 dagar sedan

      @gordoxium man I envy you!! ..... Have you tried accelerating on curves? you will feel that it sticks to the road like having magnets.... first time I was 😲😲😲... I thought was my mind but I tried different cars on 208, 308, same results! ... BTW just try the acceleration but life is first!!! so, only in emergency or to show off to your friends!!!🤣

    • gordoxium


      9 dagar sedan

      @Leandro Garcia Overtaking is a joy with this car just slam it in sport mode and feel how the car reacts to the gentlest touch. I have the 8 speed automatic and driving has become fun again for me. The interior still amazes me with the ambient lighting and carbon look finish. Never quite had a car like this before and as you say... the service with Peugeot / PSA group is top notch.

    • Leandro Garcia

      Leandro Garcia

      9 dagar sedan

      @gordoxium Wonderful car! the GT line is one of the best lines I have tried! Congrats for your acquisition! I rent mostly all the time and they give many cars to test because they know me. They have even lent me BMW for the price of a normal rent because 'I am a good customer' - I just accidentally know the manager 🤣 , and from my XP, the only one that can compete with the GT line, is the Lexus brand, but Peugeot is more quiet (engine) and more reactive when you have to overpass - give a peak of power. So, for what you pay, Peugeot gives you more quality and benefits! ✌️Besides, in the rental agency they prefer Peugeot because it is pretty reliable and they do not need to send them for maintenance as often as the other brands. They have recommended me to go for Peugeot the day I decide to buy a car! 🙈

    • gordoxium


      9 dagar sedan

      I started driving my first Peugeot a few weeks back, a 2021 208 GT. I love it and ill never give french cars shit again.

  89. B B

    B B

    10 dagar sedan

    Anyone who thought it wouldn't move should be euthanized for society's sake.

  90. Floyd Wilkinson

    Floyd Wilkinson

    10 dagar sedan

    jeremely clarkson causes a maritime disaster then proceeds to get blackout drunk

  91. Yeet Bra

    Yeet Bra

    10 dagar sedan

    This is actually amazing marketing material if you got a car that could actually do it.

  92. Seventy Sixer

    Seventy Sixer

    11 dagar sedan

    Here in Canada, where one can't eat at McDick without a vacine passport, this type of a stunt is called a product placement.

  93. Steven Carpenter

    Steven Carpenter

    11 dagar sedan

    What meaningless nonsense

  94. Nel 06

    Nel 06

    11 dagar sedan

    I mean you could pull that ship your hands taking there’s less friction in water, would just be extremely tiresome. Great video still lol

  95. John D.

    John D.

    11 dagar sedan

    Engineers every where must of been freaking out! Great idea for a test 👏

  96. Langus langus

    Langus langus

    11 dagar sedan


  97. Jasmijn ariel

    Jasmijn ariel

    11 dagar sedan

    You can tow a ship by hand. Just wait to the water moves at 1 moment, it takes a time be one molecule at a time...

  98. Gaming52


    11 dagar sedan

    Jeremy Clarksons personal smoke machine, now for sale.

  99. Gordan Radić

    Gordan Radić

    11 dagar sedan

    I dont prefer smoking in car...

  100. angel bangtana

    angel bangtana

    11 dagar sedan

    I think I bought that car afterwards...