"The Worst Thing James May Cooked Whilst Filming Was..." | The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown

The trio look back at their road trip through Scotland with a game of Finish The Sentence. They discuss the funniest moments from the special, Scottish weather and the worst thing James May cooked.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  1. The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    Månad sedan

    Have you seen the Lochdown Special yet?

    • qwertyz


      Månad sedan

      yes also why don't u try seeing why Australian cars didn't catch on like the xb falcon gt and xy tho phase three or a gts holden torana or monaro because why did Aussie cars never catch on there? 😃😃😃. from you're friends down under thanks

    • Артемий Коробков

      Артемий Коробков

      Månad sedan

      Yes I have

    • Si PieMan

      Si PieMan

      Månad sedan

      The episode was great, but the massive hype spoiled it - somehow it didn’t quite live up to it for me.

    • Meiersification


      Månad sedan


    • A Duran

      A Duran

      Månad sedan

      I had to crap

  2. mattmoose


    10 dagar sedan

    Yes, Scotland is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoyed Lochdown very much, cheers.

  3. Flappo Spammo

    Flappo Spammo

    11 dagar sedan


  4. Carlo Dell'Amura

    Carlo Dell'Amura

    12 dagar sedan

    Speeeeeed and poweeeeeeer

  5. shazzykins1


    15 dagar sedan

    Mr May is looking particularly tasty here!

  6. Cathy Johnson

    Cathy Johnson

    18 dagar sedan

    i found the title, 'lochdown' clever, and so i watched not knowing anything about the series concept. been spreading the word to my southern california neighbors. these fearless lunatics are, as nbc would have said, 'must watch tv.'

  7. Subhan Khan

    Subhan Khan

    24 dagar sedan

    0:10 me trying to look good for the yearbook picture

  8. Garrett Webster

    Garrett Webster

    Månad sedan

    One day I hope to be as strong as the buttons on Jezza’s shirt

  9. Mondoblasto0


    Månad sedan

    2:55 Hammond: "We should write to the tourist board: 'Come to Scotland, because ye cannae go anywhere else!'"

  10. Соловьев Артем

    Соловьев Артем

    Månad sedan

    GT, you are the best

  11. Scott Hotchkiss

    Scott Hotchkiss

    Månad sedan

    Wish this special was longer 3 hours please

  12. Jack Stranger

    Jack Stranger

    Månad sedan

    My GOD! Jeremmy become healthy! 🤔

  13. M Izzat Matzin

    M Izzat Matzin

    Månad sedan

    The definition of friendship

  14. Darren Jones

    Darren Jones

    Månad sedan

    Clarkson I’ve just realised is starting to look like postman pat 🤣

  15. Matt L

    Matt L

    Månad sedan

    James you sunk a fake speed boat in Canada be cause whoever bought the baits were like there gonna break them so let’s get them fake lol not saying that your bad but it was very funny

  16. Bob Klee

    Bob Klee

    Månad sedan

    When did Billy Connelly join the grand tour 😂

  17. Trevor Moses

    Trevor Moses

    Månad sedan

    James: "I was very depressed when my knob came off" LOL

  18. Ziv harush

    Ziv harush

    Månad sedan

    Good thing I’m from Israel

  19. Lydia Caruso

    Lydia Caruso

    Månad sedan

    I can rewatch every episode over and over and laugh as though it was the first time. I just love you guys ♥️

  20. CaydeStroke Max

    CaydeStroke Max

    Månad sedan

    lochdown is one of the best specials they did anyone who didn't like it must have no sense of humour or a pulse :D

  21. Sab Licious

    Sab Licious

    Månad sedan

    James May is probably the only one who looks younger with a beard 🤔

  22. Wriestheart


    Månad sedan

    I like that weather though. Always wanted to live there

  23. Wyatt Baldwin

    Wyatt Baldwin

    Månad sedan

    James May looks... Cool... Very Odd...

  24. ThePoolboy789


    Månad sedan

    this is much better content than usual, would be amazing to get some BTS clips mixed in or extended cuts

  25. Steve McRichards

    Steve McRichards

    Månad sedan

    May can cook? Now this I gotta see.

  26. jay's world

    jay's world

    Månad sedan

    jezza looks so old

  27. Jerome Krupp

    Jerome Krupp

    Månad sedan

    Thank you Amazon to have these guys on Prime, it’s why I have the subscription ! ❤️

  28. DivaNove


    Månad sedan

    Have you seen topgear unauthorised? Its a documentary about how top gear got started andbehind the scenes drama and easter eggs. Its on youtube

  29. Hey Kay

    Hey Kay

    Månad sedan

    I like how the three look really happy here. Just open and saying whatever they want.

  30. Brians TJ

    Brians TJ

    Månad sedan

    Loved the show it was great!!!

  31. Locahaskatexu


    Månad sedan

    I enjoyed it very much. I felt it was sort of a return to the old form, it was very nice to see.

  32. Preston Darrough

    Preston Darrough

    Månad sedan

    Jeremy's bottom two shirt buttons are working overtime.

  33. danny waccoe

    danny waccoe

    Månad sedan

    Its on for 2min as an advert on prime

  34. Twisted Stone

    Twisted Stone

    Månad sedan

    Glad Jeremy didn't laugh too much or he could have taken someones eye out...

  35. Robert


    Månad sedan

    wish you guys the best health

  36. Skills Scouting

    Skills Scouting

    Månad sedan

    James may are u Gandalf aren’t you?

  37. Wayne


    Månad sedan

    Can some one please explain the ending?

  38. Arvind


    Månad sedan

    I can listen to them all day long!!❣️

  39. John King

    John King

    Månad sedan

    Jeremy Clarkson - the only man to have ate the entire menu from Dennys judging by the size of his stomach and bulging neck of fat - Remember that Jeremy Clarkson caught Covid in December 2020 and even after that, he still could not care less about his health. How is this man alive?

  40. View By Ray

    View By Ray

    Månad sedan

    Wasnt the best special but the banter they have with each other always funny... as long as these 3 are together in a show id watch it...

  41. Karen Sarkisjan

    Karen Sarkisjan

    Månad sedan

    More Specials please 🙏

  42. mohs h

    mohs h

    Månad sedan

    Yes it was amazing however I would love to see more challenging tasks requiring the trio to work together in order to overcome more perilous terrain demonstrating where their vehicles excell naturally and wher a spot of light tactical modification improves their machines even further.

  43. TobiasJ2k


    Månad sedan

    That castle was the same one used for the "Peugeot board meeting" for the bit on Peugeot drivers on Top Gear yeah?

  44. 98ankush


    Månad sedan

    James May is the man who defeated Gordon Ramsay.

  45. Eirik Olsen

    Eirik Olsen

    Månad sedan

    Lol, love it when Richard says "Come to Scotland, 'cause you can naye go anywhere else". 😆

  46. gav


    Månad sedan

    Jeremy is almost due

  47. Alexey Kovtun

    Alexey Kovtun

    Månad sedan

    Been to Scotland in 2018 in summer for a couple of days. It was only the first part of the day in Edinburg that rained. Other 3 days - not a single drop of rain! Now I consider myself an unlucky looser because of that...

  48. Ladislav Sieber

    Ladislav Sieber

    Månad sedan

    It was great fun i saw it 4 times already 😀 but I still don’t like the joke on James may ☹️

  49. george warren

    george warren

    Månad sedan

    I live in Glasgow and the week before this aired I was in Aviemore on holiday and the first have of the week the temps where hitting 30 with the sun shining it was stunning

  50. The List of Jericho

    The List of Jericho

    Månad sedan

    Already live in Scotland.

  51. Dzidek Mustang

    Dzidek Mustang

    Månad sedan

    Hello. after watching the new episode, I say: if you are to do something by force, please do not do it .this episode was very weak, although the cars were beautiful and only one nice moment when Hammond fell into the water. And a very important thing: FSO POLONEZ has never been produced in Russia! please explain and apologize to viewers from Poland. Regards Tom

  52. Oikku Oek

    Oikku Oek

    Månad sedan

    Just how long this same joke can be told, before the idiots stop laughing?

  53. jeremy burton

    jeremy burton

    Månad sedan

    We want more!! You all are so funny.

  54. KiraShiv


    Månad sedan

    Just release all deleted scenes of Lochdown on SE-one. Just do it. It doesn't need to be refined and well edited.

  55. Gorem


    Månad sedan

    Just seen the special, that ending had me IN TEARS hahahahahaha hahahahaha

  56. gweilo8888


    Månad sedan

    Let's be perfectly honest here. James didn't cook any of it, a local chippie did. 🙄 Far from the best episode and a very weak ending indeed, but given the constraints of lockdown, a fair effort though.

  57. p e t r i c h o r

    p e t r i c h o r

    Månad sedan

    james looking breedable

  58. The Tempted Man

    The Tempted Man

    Månad sedan

    What is, Jeremy's shirt made of to withstand that massive gut

  59. Saeed Doulabi

    Saeed Doulabi

    Månad sedan

    خیلی باحالید😇😊

  60. Crixus Cooper

    Crixus Cooper

    Månad sedan

    Spoiler. The Chinese ending was hilarious

  61. Crixus Cooper

    Crixus Cooper

    Månad sedan

    I love these guys, been watching since I can remember and won’t stop

  62. Jay Bevoman

    Jay Bevoman

    Månad sedan

    The bond between the 3 of them is hilarious to watch when they drop a one liner

  63. It's okay

    It's okay

    Månad sedan

    With this special, that was more like classic TG, which is exactly what people demanded, still having the same people complain that it's not what they want, just shows that they were just trolls to begin with. Great special lads!

  64. Harman


    Månad sedan

    * *P E A S* *

  65. jew booomonya

    jew booomonya

    Månad sedan

    we need to get these boys back out on adventures asap ready for some more gold

  66. Snowy The Bastard

    Snowy The Bastard

    Månad sedan

    Good day Hamster, Handpump and Sloth (from the goonies... hey you guys!!!). I think we have nicknames for all of them now haha.

  67. OldFartUK


    Månad sedan

    Love these guys they work so well together ..it's obvious that they not just work colleague but also best friends .. you can't fake that ..I'll never get tried of watching them no matter what they doing ..cars or otherwise

  68. Halcali


    Månad sedan

    Jeremy is pregnant?

  69. TheErni87


    Månad sedan

    Нихуя ничего не понял, но очень интересно

  70. BlackandBlueX


    Månad sedan

    Worst special ever

  71. Anomander Rake

    Anomander Rake

    Månad sedan

    Lochdown was sadly very poor, Top Gear makes better shows at the moment

  72. Gér


    Månad sedan

    In terms of versatility, Hammond's ability to crash a motored vehicle is second to none. He managed to roll ever a jet powered dragster to 1200 hp electric hypercar to 2 hp boat and survived. That's almost insurance fraud level.

  73. Guy Incogneto

    Guy Incogneto

    Månad sedan

    Jeremys talking car had me rolling.

  74. Alexander Vowles

    Alexander Vowles

    Månad sedan

    I love rain, maybe I should move to Scotland

  75. RoguePenguinScotland


    Månad sedan

    Never been petrol head but you 3 always good for a chuckle. Hope you have many more Tours to come. All the best lads from amphibious Scotland :)

  76. One Skill Point

    One Skill Point

    Månad sedan

    It was an ok special, but it absolutely felt rushed in quite a few parts. Wilman saying that the original version is like some 2 hours long made absolute sense. The thing the probably hurt it the most was we've seen them do everything they did in Lochdown in various other specials but better. Build a bridge in Burma, muscle car racing in Detroit, cooking in Massive Hunt, etc.

  77. Sean Stein

    Sean Stein

    Månad sedan

    The worst thing i did was watch this. Sick of GT constantly enjoying American cars but then making it seem like America is the worst place on earth. God Bless America. Y'all brits enjoy being locked down!!!!!!!!!

  78. henry


    Månad sedan

    *The reailty of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left"*

    • Joe DeMera

      Joe DeMera

      Månad sedan

      Investment: the fallacy sustained only by doubling down on conviction and gaslighting away all hesitation. Be confident yea?

    • Houston Smith

      Houston Smith

      Månad sedan

      He has been able to secure a steady inflow of returns off my crypto, it's was a lost with this whole pandemic situation causing me my job, it's just amazing to find Mr Richard and there's been no regrets ever since.

    • Marie Johnson

      Marie Johnson

      Månad sedan

      I have been researching all this while for a digital assets investment and I found Bitcoin to be the most profiting of them all, I'm definitely bouncing on this opportunity to work with Richard, thank you so much.

    • Jane swit

      Jane swit

      Månad sedan

      @Ricardo Alvarez Thanks for the contact info@

    • Ricardo Alvarez

      Ricardo Alvarez

      Månad sedan


  79. BertoD103


    Månad sedan

    I just enjoyed them driving American land barges and actually attempting to make them work in a part of the world that doesn’t really accept that type of car. Just the best.

  80. pitch black panther

    pitch black panther

    Månad sedan

    There is no Israel but Palestine.

  81. axl the slacker

    axl the slacker

    Månad sedan

    maybe you should come back to romania :D

  82. Damian Brown

    Damian Brown

    Månad sedan

    It's all scripted fun, so they knew most of this stuff would happen in advance

  83. Deco Dolly

    Deco Dolly

    Månad sedan

    Mr Clarkson - you really need to drop some pounds and lose the gut. It's beyond "Ha-ha, Jezza got fat" and is actually becoming worrying now.

  84. Marc van Oppen

    Marc van Oppen

    Månad sedan

    I've just sat throught the whole Lochdown and I'm sorry to say I found it a bit disappointing. I'd wait anothor two years for a show with a live audience like they used to do but these 'specials' seem like a side dish that has become the main course.

  85. Don Pace

    Don Pace

    Månad sedan

    I thought this was the best Grand Tour to date. As good as the best Top Gear from the old days.

  86. steve lamb

    steve lamb

    Månad sedan

    old jokes old presenters nothing new still better than anything on the BBC! although will say its time they all moved on Clarkson stick to Farming

  87. Meola


    Månad sedan

    I don't know what May is talking about, that outboard clearly has a big 15 on it indicating it was a 15HP boat, not a 2HP!

  88. Chi Javier

    Chi Javier

    Månad sedan

    Jeremy looks like he’s got a cushion on his tummy.

  89. Ash R

    Ash R

    Månad sedan

    James is looking slim

  90. Luke Free fall

    Luke Free fall

    Månad sedan

    Was totally shit episode

  91. Benjámin Horváth

    Benjámin Horváth

    Månad sedan

    Israel special...?

  92. DaedalusLV


    Månad sedan

    It seems you've never been in Latvia, Sigulda in autumn or Latvia, Pavilosta near the sea in summer. Visit. No matter how you think your country ...



    Månad sedan

    When the GT triplets enter Scotland, the Loch Ness monster emigrates to the USA

  94. Cobb


    Månad sedan

    The trailer coming off was my favorite part. Although Hammond's breakdown of the charger was ironic and sad.

  95. S D

    S D

    Månad sedan

    Why is the northwest region of every country the prettiest area? You should check out the Columbia River Gorge in northwest Oregon, and the Olympic National Park area in northwest Washington. Breathtaking.

  96. gentle285


    Månad sedan

    Amazon please, could you just make a simple, one payment The Grand Tour package? I don't want that Prime nonsense, but I would like to purchase a TGT package so I can watch it anytime. Or even to purchase the "rights" to individual seasons. I'll gladly pay that 8 pounds (or even double) per season.

  97. William MacTavish

    William MacTavish

    Månad sedan

    TGT script writers are absolute dog IMO. When you see the trio just have a conversation it's way more amusing. The script kills them.

  98. MrTWOproductions


    Månad sedan

    "The worst thing James May cooked whilst filming was........ ............... still better then the best Jeremy Clarkson cooked.

    • The Grand Tour

      The Grand Tour

      Månad sedan

      James May clearly learnt a lot from Oh Cook! after all

  99. Lastkoss


    Månad sedan

    Why go to Scoutland because we are not there anymore. Haha perfect

  100. Toms' Creative Selepe

    Toms' Creative Selepe

    Månad sedan

    They went hard on Muricans ey