All The Grand Tour References in Clarkson's Farm | The Grand Tour

Even on Diddly Squat Farm, Jeremy can't escape his Grand Tour antics! Have you spotted these Grand Tour references throughout Clarkson's Farm?

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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  1. The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    Månad sedan

    Hands up, who wants to see Richard and James on Diddly Squat Farm?

    • Yoan Andreev

      Yoan Andreev

      9 timmar sedan

      We all want this, don't we.

    • Martin Poynton

      Martin Poynton

      3 dagar sedan

      Could see the stig feeding the pigs ..

    • M A C Reviews

      M A C Reviews

      3 dagar sedan


    • ReDHeaDSg1


      4 dagar sedan

      Dead or alive ?

    • Amy Reid

      Amy Reid

      5 dagar sedan

      He’s banned them lol

  2. Alex Hutter

    Alex Hutter

    11 timmar sedan

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life John 3v16

  3. Akshay Ravi Kumar

    Akshay Ravi Kumar

    3 dagar sedan

    These guys are doing in real life what we do in games like Forza Horizon, absolute madlads

  4. Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

    Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

    4 dagar sedan

    "I mean he blew up his house" Oh yeah about that...

  5. Jaroslav Mihok

    Jaroslav Mihok

    4 dagar sedan

    Mad Max´s Bentley 🖤

  6. Michael Saunders

    Michael Saunders

    4 dagar sedan

    Do the shops in Chipping Norton get much trade as a result of Diddly Squat Farm ? (Not a rhetorical question,I am genuinely asking)

  7. PiousMoltar


    5 dagar sedan

    "They're not Stephen Hawking!" LMAO

  8. PiousMoltar


    5 dagar sedan

    lol I love how when I just decided to look up "Chipping Norton" on Google Maps to see precisely where the heck that is, "Diddly Squat Farm Shop" was labelled and clearly visible on the map!

  9. Дмиртий Пономаренко

    Дмиртий Пономаренко

    6 dagar sedan

    Clarkson's отстой!

  10. Jason Brin

    Jason Brin

    6 dagar sedan

    Pff... you need the Bentley from Academeg youtube channel

  11. Artic Exploit

    Artic Exploit

    7 dagar sedan

    The Bentley offroading is just offroading in Forza Horizon 4

  12. Edward Fisher

    Edward Fisher

    7 dagar sedan

    "people thought the end of the world had come" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Octavio Grasia

    Octavio Grasia

    8 dagar sedan

    I will buy the old 2015 Bentley and do it like this…helll yeah

  14. skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    9 dagar sedan

    1.the MFB from a Massive hunt Making an appearance 2.Gerald ranting about global warming with Clarkson. 3.Clarkson, being a Motoring presenter. 4.Clarkson mentioning the special, Feed the World. 5.A villager mentioned his old house being destroyed, Although it was actually James May and Richard Hammond who blew it up. 6.many props from the Grand tour stored in Clarkson’s barn. 7.going to London

  15. M Zaid

    M Zaid

    9 dagar sedan

    Jeremy " They are Not Steven Hawkins " Love Jeremy clarkson😁

  16. Jonas Weber

    Jonas Weber

    11 dagar sedan

    whether you agree or not with him, you have to say he has balls 😄 just epic!

  17. GK


    11 dagar sedan

    This was happened when telephone / mobile phone were not invented.



    13 dagar sedan

    I realy like it.

  19. Jacek


    13 dagar sedan

    The series that we do not deserve but sure do we needed. Thank you Jezza with all associates.

  20. Unripe Tomato

    Unripe Tomato

    14 dagar sedan

    ".......someone should do a show where cars race unusual things........" _-->hovercrafts, bicycles, motorbikes, planes, boats, slow cars, fast cars, small cars, big cars, electric cars, gasoline cars, diesel cars, semi-trucks, normal trucks, pickup trucks, sailboats, RVs, trains, people and the LITERAL SUN have all left the chat_

  21. Just Thumbs up

    Just Thumbs up

    15 dagar sedan

    Is this Lil Uzi Vert Car??

  22. Alpha_Kralle


    15 dagar sedan

    The 2CV count should be zero? Poor Citroen! :(

  23. Vilhelm 22

    Vilhelm 22

    20 dagar sedan

    My granny actually lives really nearby but unlike the people shown here she’s really in favour

  24. Hvaffor Noget

    Hvaffor Noget

    20 dagar sedan

    Could you make James crash a plane into the farm shop?

  25. Adam B

    Adam B

    21 dag sedan

    which episode is that ?

  26. Stealth Outdoors Living Ontario

    Stealth Outdoors Living Ontario

    22 dagar sedan

    That's so cool they brought an old car into the new series

  27. Shem Shem

    Shem Shem

    24 dagar sedan

    he blew up his house" said in the most casual voice ever

  28. Evangeline Wandering

    Evangeline Wandering

    24 dagar sedan

    A very sweet Lisa. 😊

  29. Xi Jing Pooh

    Xi Jing Pooh

    25 dagar sedan

    Confirmed Clarkson cause global warming

  30. Max de Graaf

    Max de Graaf

    25 dagar sedan

    MFB is back

  31. Shawn Strong

    Shawn Strong

    26 dagar sedan

    My child hood heros talking about and driving cars for a living my dream

  32. TK-TaXer YT

    TK-TaXer YT

    26 dagar sedan

    forza 4

  33. Adventure Logs

    Adventure Logs

    27 dagar sedan

    Missed the Jeep Wrangler in the background from the Colombia special.

  34. John Doe

    John Doe

    27 dagar sedan

    This feels like Picard returning to space. XD

  35. John Doe

    John Doe

    27 dagar sedan

    My God he looks so much older.

  36. Anthony Chopra

    Anthony Chopra

    27 dagar sedan

    You could borrow a bit of land to do GrandTour filming of farming with richard hammond

  37. Jack Prince

    Jack Prince

    28 dagar sedan

    What cars does he have ?

  38. Texas Red

    Texas Red

    28 dagar sedan

    Clarkson really underestimates the intelligence of fish

  39. Daniel Nilsson

    Daniel Nilsson

    28 dagar sedan

    The Grand Tour and Top Gear without Jeremy, Richard and James is just another car review program, we could just watch Fith Gear instead. Oooh, wait, that's why Top Gear died when Richard and James got fired ;)

  40. KING joffery

    KING joffery

    28 dagar sedan

    The best car ever

  41. rnedisc


    28 dagar sedan

    3:00 I mean. He isn't wrong.

  42. hyper nova

    hyper nova

    28 dagar sedan

    Im still wonder if clarkson still have the mfb

  43. Sam Moffat

    Sam Moffat

    28 dagar sedan

    0:41 when you’re driving through fields on forza horizon 4: 😂

  44. Jonathan Blackwood

    Jonathan Blackwood

    28 dagar sedan

    Y u move reasis an u r not

  45. Totally Of Gamers

    Totally Of Gamers

    28 dagar sedan

    fh4 but irl

  46. Jay Swarrow

    Jay Swarrow

    29 dagar sedan

    _-I'm sorry, what car is that, there?_ _-Neu, m0ine's 0ll Alaectreech, th0t vAan.._ _-I'm sorry, what's _*_that, there?_* * points at the coal plant*

  47. N Clunk

    N Clunk

    29 dagar sedan

    I loved this show so much, I've probably seen it through about 5 times since it came out! There must be quite a bit more entertaining footage that didnt make it into the show, would be nice to see some extra footage or possibly .5 episodes where they cover the not as interesting stuff that happened in between episodes. The next season just feels so far away!

  48. Otrab


    29 dagar sedan

    5:14 James May makes a cameo in Clarkson's Farm

  49. I'm Not Aving That

    I'm Not Aving That

    29 dagar sedan

    Same old jezza, quite tiresome nowadays

  50. Richards Aviation

    Richards Aviation

    29 dagar sedan

    Wait wasn’t the bently belong to hammond

  51. Stratus Fear

    Stratus Fear

    29 dagar sedan

    It hurts me to see the Bentley like that but goodness what a beast

  52. FoxPlayz


    Månad sedan

    thats sick

  53. NeonDystopia†


    Månad sedan

    5:14 James May female variation

  54. Berk Karşı

    Berk Karşı

    Månad sedan

    Love seeing the old cars back.

  55. Ricardo Moran

    Ricardo Moran

    Månad sedan

    The Diddly Squat Fast Response vehicle is the coolest thing I've ever seen

  56. Yuri Lakhtionov

    Yuri Lakhtionov

    Månad sedan

    Is he really using this monitor on his table???!!! 😝

  57. Matthew Payne

    Matthew Payne

    Månad sedan

    Just an idiot making a fool of himself. Or is it a fool making a idiot of himself.

  58. Mateusz Niemiec

    Mateusz Niemiec

    Månad sedan

    Forza horizon 4 looks so realistic

  59. Andy Boyd

    Andy Boyd

    Månad sedan

    Huge companies managed to shift the blame of global climate change onto individuals very successfully. If you want to find the biggest polluters don't look at Jeremy, look at BP, Exxon, Amazon, and pretty much every Chinese company.

  60. M Izzat Matzin

    M Izzat Matzin

    Månad sedan

    jezza, hamster & capt slow is the definition of using car to the limit..doesnt matter how fancy it is 😂

  61. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    Månad sedan

    *That Bentley is unironically the most badass car Clarkson has ever made. I hope he can keep it.*

  62. Filtiarin


    Månad sedan

    Holy hell im surprised he still has that thing

  63. Jossie Williams

    Jossie Williams

    Månad sedan

    They missed the one about John in Mongolia

  64. Drake Nguyen

    Drake Nguyen

    Månad sedan

    anyone else get into farm sim bc of Clarkson lol

  65. Florida Man

    Florida Man

    Månad sedan

    Jeremy outside of a car is like a fish out of water, no way it can survive

  66. Florida Man

    Florida Man

    Månad sedan

    Jeremy outside of a car is like a fish out of water, no way it can survive

  67. Ollie Watkins

    Ollie Watkins

    Månad sedan

    Enjoying it way more than I thought - who knew farming could be so interesting when you have an unlimited pot of money.

  68. Bad_Decisions


    Månad sedan

    5:25 "He blew up his house" *cuts to his house blowing up.* 😂😂😂

  69. chef boyardee

    chef boyardee

    Månad sedan

    "someone should make a tv show where cars race unusual things"

  70. Jaime Montejano

    Jaime Montejano

    Månad sedan

    One of the coolest vehicles from any TG/TGT specials. If i had to chose a top 3 It would be this, Richard's Subaru from Africa and the sport lorry

  71. Player Number One

    Player Number One

    Månad sedan

    Let James drove the Lamborghini tractor Jeremy🤣🤣🤣

    • Player Number One

      Player Number One

      Månad sedan

      @The Grand Tour ofc he does😅

    • The Grand Tour

      The Grand Tour

      Månad sedan

      Do you think Captain Slow would love or hate the Lambo?

  72. Samuel Kim

    Samuel Kim

    Månad sedan

    bring back The Excellent!

  73. Trump 2

    Trump 2

    Månad sedan

    I’m sure global warming has everything to do with vehicle and nothing to do with wildfires, oil spills and overheated dying of the sun sending constant radiation our way😂

  74. Jack1777


    Månad sedan

    What episode is the Bentley in

    • The Grand Tour

      The Grand Tour

      Månad sedan

      You can see the Diddly Squat Fast Response Vehicle in Episode 6 of Clarkson's Farm

  75. V G

    V G

    Månad sedan

    Im just happy to see the alfa gtv6 in dry storage !

  76. AAA


    Månad sedan

    i love that guy his honesty is staggering

  77. ItzJustKris


    Månad sedan

    please give me like 5 seasons of clarksons farm

  78. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

    Månad sedan

    I want a closer look at that one guy's electric diesel Ford transit

  79. Nicolas Bocchino

    Nicolas Bocchino

    Månad sedan

    Technically it wasn’t him who blew up his house.

  80. James Ebert

    James Ebert

    Månad sedan

    Praise to jezza for dealing with that whiny ass global warming dude

  81. Taffy


    Månad sedan

    Auto Mundial music in first Bentley scene... anyone eles notice?

  82. Timothy Mckee

    Timothy Mckee

    Månad sedan

    Alfa Romeo's when they are red? Then can you call them Alfa Tomato's?

  83. Recall


    Månad sedan

    Jeremy is now mixing with the inbreds

  84. Reece


    Månad sedan

    He has the best Job in the world

  85. Abdullah Awais

    Abdullah Awais

    Månad sedan

    Fun fact : he drank that water as well before the results

  86. Sanjay Chouhan

    Sanjay Chouhan

    Månad sedan

    4:20 England is now trying to do some good deeds 😂😂

  87. Fabulous Fries

    Fabulous Fries

    Månad sedan


  88. Food Reacts

    Food Reacts

    Månad sedan

    His Bentley is such a good car

  89. Food Reacts

    Food Reacts

    Månad sedan

    An old friend is so sick

  90. wOKen


    Månad sedan

    "quickly in the bucket before they do dying" had me laughing

  91. Aeden Sullivan

    Aeden Sullivan

    Månad sedan

    Zzzzzoooommm tiiimmeee meettttingggg lmaoo

  92. Dark Theme

    Dark Theme

    Månad sedan

    Yeah, this car is cool, but there are russian guys, who built Bentley on tracks, called "Ultratank" which is even faster than a Ripsaw (80 mph vs 60), and original interior is there too. Now that's a beast

  93. Akash Jayalath

    Akash Jayalath

    Månad sedan

    Lil uzi vert

  94. Andrew Phillips

    Andrew Phillips

    Månad sedan

    Does he use a phone? No, no that is just what they would be expecting.

  95. German Barosev

    German Barosev

    Månad sedan

    just making a money because Early top gear or grand tour waist off nothing the same Clarkson you are old just accept that and you doing same staff on and on and on laysy

  96. fnaf boss 3000

    fnaf boss 3000

    Månad sedan

    Wait the off-road Bentley still works

  97. The Rand0m Duude

    The Rand0m Duude

    Månad sedan

    And if u watched it ull notice he also still has the excellent

  98. German Barosev

    German Barosev

    Månad sedan

    what language is that Jeesus Crhsthe und Maria

  99. German Barosev

    German Barosev

    Månad sedan

    i was watching all off top gear and Grand Tour its all fine and good but you getting old and similar what is the plan please dont invate Russia they will crash you

  100. German Barosev

    German Barosev

    Månad sedan

    it is a Britt structure who fucking cares about dammt petrolheads